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NTS-Group opens assembly plant in Brno, Czech Republic

The NTS-Group has opened a new assembly plant in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, NTS Mechatronics Brno. This company in Eastern Europe operates under the umbrella of NTS Mechatronics, the assembly plant in Eindhoven. The new factory will initially offer work to some ten employees, who have already been trained in Eindhoven. This number will grow further over the coming years with the increase of revenue.

Marc Hendrikse, CEO NTS-Group: "Our aim is to position our companies in those areas closest to our customers in order to provide them with quicker and more flexible delivery, as well as to offer extra service and support. In addition to being close to our main customer in Brno, FEI, we are seeing a growing trend in outsourcing from Germany with a strong focus on Eastern Europe. With the introduction of the new factory in Brno, we are now able to meet market demands."

NTS already has a manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, NTS Prometal, where metal components are made and coated. The rising demand from the German market is also clearly noticed there. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and is home to many well-educated people. It has its own technical universities with approximately 23,000 students and there are good educational programmes in mechanical and electrical engineering. "Our decision to establish our company here is a logical step from several perspectives", says Hendrikse. "What's more, the city can easily be reached from Eindhoven and the new factory is within driving distance from our other plant.This new site location offers us room for growth and further development."